CHINA KN95 Medical Mask Mask For Mouth And Nose Mask Sewing Pattern Mask N95 For Sale Mask Singer

Quick Details Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: OEM Model Number: KN95 Mask Product name: Disposable mask MOQ: 50pcs Color: White Certification: FDA Material: Non-woven Fabric Feature: Comfortable Fit Usage: Personal Respiratory Protection Packing: Opp Bag Type: Ear Wearing Standard:...
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Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:OEM

Model Number:KN95 Mask

Product name:Disposable mask




Material:Non-woven Fabric

Feature:Comfortable Fit

Usage:Personal Respiratory Protection

Packing:Opp Bag

Type:Ear Wearing


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details1pcs/bag, 1000pcs per carton box

Picture Example:


Lead Time :


1   - 10

11   - 1000

1001   - 5000


Est.   Time(days)




To   be negotiated



4Ply (Non Woven+Meltblown cloth+Non   Woven+Nonwoven)




11*15cm   folded

Key   Words

KN95   face mask


Breathable,   Comforable, Skin friendly, Elastic earloop


Anti   Pollution, Dust, Pm2.5, Smog, Fog, Pollen.....


1pcs/   1bag

Lead   time

 Small   Order 2-3days, bulk order denpends on the quantity


CE,    FDA



Questions & Answers of Mask Orders 

Q: Do you have face mask in stock?

A: Yes, we have   masks in stock.

Q: Can I place a face mask order now?

A: Yes, you can. 

Q: Do you have any certificates?

A: We've got FDA, and some licenses for domestic market.

Q: Which kind of face mask can you supply? 

A: Our face masks are made of 100% new material, 3 ply   non-woven, KN95 mask, kids face mask, carbon masks. 

Q: What's your MOQ and price?

A: KN95 mask at least 1000 pieces not include shipping   cost.  FOB Guangzhou price is1.25USD/pc   based on MOQ

Q: Your price is too high, can I get a cheaper price?

A: To be honest, we also think the price is very very high now.   It is easy to buy face mask before the virus breakout. But now mask   production has been affected in China by the virus, the whole world is short   of masks. So, even you pay 3USD/pc, you can hardly find any suppliers in your   local city, cause most of them bought from China. Mask production capacity is   limited, buyers are far beyond suppliers now. Besides, the raw material,   packing box, shipping cost and labor cost all have being increasing since   weeks ago.

Q: What’s your payment term?

A: 30% payment before production, 70% payment before shipping.

Q: What’s your lead time?

A: Your order can   be delivered within 3 days..

Q: If I order 100,000pcs, when I can get it?
  A: If you order 100000, you can ship them in 2 days.. Receiving time depends on shipping way. If ship by air, it   takes 3-7days. If ship by sea, it depends on your destination port. 

Q: Can you shipping to my address? How much for shipping cost?
  A: Pls send us your shipping address, then we will calculate the   shipping cost for you.

Q: Is it available to do customization?
  A: Yes, it is acceptable.

How often do N95 masks change the correct way to wear N95 masks?


Recently, in order to prevent the new coronavirus from buying a N95 mask, we need to know how long it takes to use this mask. And the way to wear the N95 mask is right to play the role of resisting bacteria. Otherwise, wearing the wrong method is not the same as not. Let's give you a popular science below.

How often do N95 masks change?

N95 respirator has a certain service life. With the increase of the use time of N95 masks, the particulate matter filtered will gradually filter up the mesh and increase the respiratory resistance. Moreover, if the mask is thicker, if it is not picked for a long time, the humid climate inside may breed bacteria, and the use and storage methods will affect the life of the fog and haze mask.

The N95 respirator is one of the 9 particulate respirators certified by the National Institute of occupational safety and health. "N" refers to particles that are not suitable for oily purposes. "95" means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95%.n99, and the filtration efficiency of the respirator reaches 99%. Experts suggest that the N95 mask should be changed for two days.

In the case of 3M masks, N95 masks are generally used for 24-48 hours; R95 masks are used for about 8 hours; p95 masks are much longer than N95 masks, and work hours can be 40 hours or 30 days.

Under what circumstances do N95 masks need to be replaced?

When one of the following three cases is found, the N95 mask is changed immediately.

1. N95 respirators are contaminated by foreign bodies such as blood stains or droplets.

2, users feel respiratory resistance increased.

3. N95 mask is damaged.

Can N95 respirators be worn for a long time?

N95 respirators should not be worn for a long time. Because N95 respirators are industrial dust respirators, they have good airtightness and easy to cause breathing problems and lack of oxygen. If there is fog and haze, it is not necessary for the public to wear N95 masks. They can choose kn95 masks or Kn90 mouths that conform to the national standard or wear medical masks. They can resist most of the pollutants.

The correct way to wear the N95 mask is:

1. first pull the headband every 2-4 centimeters, hand through the mask headband, metal nose position forward.

2. put on the mask and stick to the face, put the top of the mask on the head, then pull the head over the head, place it behind the neck, and adjust it to a comfortable position.

3. hand fingertips along the nose bridge metal strip, from the center to the sides, slowly inward pressed until close to the bridge of the nose.

4. both hands try to mask the mask and carry out positive pressure and negative pressure test. (positive pressure test: both hands cover the mask and exhale vigorously. If the air is spilled from the edge of the mask, that is, if it is not properly worn, the headband and nose metal bar should be adjusted again. Negative pressure test: both hands cover the mask and exhale vigorously. The center of the cover will fall down, if air enters from the edge of the mask, that is to say, if it is not properly dressed, the headband and nose metal must be adjusted again.







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